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This is all my latest work, hot off the tablet as it comes in. If you guys like what you see, be sure to leave a comment as well as your favs. Also, feel free to check out my Patreon Campaign if you want to see more of these fine works coming in.

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Upcoming Changes

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 4, 2015, 8:59 PM
  • Mood: Crazy

Due in no small part to the actions of a handful, especially one Ice Queen, there are going to be some major changes to how I do things here. Most of these are to do with ToS, and prices, but all of them are going to be seen within the next week or so, and those changes will take effect (unless otherwise stated) at the beginning of December.

First up: Terms of Service Updates, namely refunds. Let me explain this one first though. Very recently, a commissioner decided that she didn't like waiting, and demanded a refund. This came about just as I was about start at the new job (which, btw, we finished early), and the refund in question was for Five Hundred Dollars. Yes, a Five and Two Zeroes trailing behind it. Did she try to work out some way to pay this off over time? No, she went right to paypal, and demanded a refund through them. This put me $500 in the hole as a result, with no chance of rectifying it any time soon, and effectively freezing my paypal account. So, having been burned by that, it's time for a policy change...

Policy Change #1
    I will offer refunds only if you agree to not go through a payment service (like PayPal or Square) to get it, and that you agree to a percentage payment over time (ex, a $100 commission could be $25/mon). Only Commissions in which you have filled out a sheet for will be refunded. This is not me being a greedy artist btw, this is me making sure that A: You did commission me, and B: You're getting back what you deserve. Also, I'm going to institute a 3-exchange system. Basically, if you feel that maybe what you originally asked for may be the reason the art isn't getting done (IE, might've been to complicated, or was otherwise out of my skillset, etc), you may exchange it for an equal or greater value request. I know some people would say lesser, but I'm being responsible... your patience is covering the extra cost here. If we go through this three times, then the piece is eligible for a refund for the original cost (again, over time, not all at once, please).

Policy changes #2
    I reserve the right to quiz new commissioners on my Terms of Service. This is not always going to be the case mind you. I trust many of you have read it (or will read it), and understand it. But there will be times when I may ask about a random policy. Whether it's in there or not is irrelevant, it's up to you, the commissioner, to know that. Again, it's going to be random, not everyone's going to go through it, but this is a step I sadly must take to avoid repeats of past events.

Price Changes
    Having moved to Minnesota I've run into a few issues when it comes to costs, namely, I'm not charging correctly. To correct this, I'm going to institute a new pricing system. Flat Rate, and à la carte.

With Flat Rate, you pay a specific cost, no matter what's being drawn. Kinda like how the USPS has those Flat Rate Boxes, but with art instead of god-knows-what-in-a-box. This is especially good for those commissioners that don't know what they want, they just know they want something, insert-vague-discription-here-and-go-nuts. The Flat Rate Prices will also encompass certain specials (pinups, MtG Tokens, etc), so you can get those at a reduced cost compared to how you might get them otherwise.

à la carte Pricing will be just as you can expect, you know exactly what you want, and are going to pay for that, and only that. Pretty self explanatory in my opinion, but if you guys have questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

Why the new pricing system? Well, simple, you have no idea how many people I talk to who want something, but aren't sure what they want. The FRP will help with that. All you have to know what you want is me to draw something pretty, and for a certain cost, and I'll draw it. The à la carte system will be for those that know exactly what they want, and how they want it. Keep in mind guys, that one system may be cheaper then the other in some regards, so, make sure you crunch the numbers first, unless you like paying more.

Now, I'm also sure everyone here is wondering why updates have been so sparatic the last couple weeks. Well, truth be told, there's been quite a bit going on around here, chief among them, some renovations to FlyingFires bathroom, job searching, and my personal favorite: my land lord is apparently wanting me gone by December 1st if I don't change myself enough for him to like me. Yes, you read that right. My land lord wants me gone on December 1st... the start of winter in Minnesota, if he doesn't 'like' me. Yes, I know it's illegal (MN State law forbids land lords or banks from booting people between mid fall and early spring, the coldest months in the state), and I know it's complete horse shit (something I'm too familiar with). But, I'm already taking steps (or trying to anyway) to ensure that I'm not homeless for the holidays. Obviously, those directly involved know the situation better, and know who's involved, but for now, names and such will be withheld (else I'd be no better then they are). I urge those reading this that if you know the situation, do not comment with any names (real or online). You are free to offer ideas, or assistance, but for the time being, no names!

For a more detailed explanation, please go here ->…

Hopefully, sanity will come back from it's stroll around the block and settle in the house again, and all of this will blow over. But until it does, just remember:
PayPal is frozen, so commissions will have to go through Square.
And I might be moving in 27 days.

Tank out.

Commissions Open!

I am open for commissions. Please see my prices if you are interested in having me draw for you. If you don't see what you want, please contact me about your request.

2015 Price List by Tank50us

Contact Me!

Want to get ahold of me? Chose one of the following, and odds are, you'll reach me.

Google Voice: 347-766-3408*
Skype: Tank50us
Steam: Tank50us

*If I do not answer either number, assume I am busy, and cannot answer immediately. But I will call back as soon as I am able.


Have your ladies show off what they got... but in a way that will make anyone else want a bit more....
Core Shots
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James News
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I'm an average person, not much to look at, and my job situation sucks (who's doesn't). But, I have an active imagination, which is step one to being a good artist in my opinion.

Current Residence: Middle of Nowhere Arkansas
Favorite genre of music: Classic Rock, Instrumental
Favorite style of art: Dragon Hybrids (that's what I call them)
Operating System: Windows 7
Personal Quote: I was born a Free American, I will LIVE a Free American, and I will DIE a Free American.

When it comes to pricing, which style do you prefer? (please leave comments on your choice) 

7 deviants said Mix of the two?
3 deviants said À la carte?…
3 deviants said Generalized?…



Parasaurolophus Adoptables Round 1 SOLD! by Tank50us SOLD!
Parasauralophous Adoptables Round 2 by Tank50us SOLD!
Utahraptor Adoptables Round 01 by Tank50us SOLD!

Thirty Dollar Themes:

"Already There" A split image of a soldier, in his barracks overseas calling home to his wife and children.

"Danger Zone" A 'shooter' giving the signal to launch a carrier aircraft while other crew members duck down to avoid the wings.

"Cosmic Castaway" A character in a space suit stands atop of a piece of wreckage from an old starship, taking in the cosmic scenery.

"Fix You" A visibly distressed female character can't get over a bad event, while a caring male character attempts to console her, and bring her emotional state back down to where she can talk.

"Still I fly" A male pilot gives a thank-you-hug to a female mechanic before climbing into his visibly worn aircraft to fly away on a long journey.

"Lady in Black" A female character protecting a young, scared male child from a gang. Lady in Black by Tank50us

"It's My Turn to Fly" An older pilot directs his student to the pilot seat of an aircraft the student is learning to fly. Alt: an older pilot is guiding his student through the cockpit of the aircraft, teaching the student how to operate everything in the cockpit.

"For Home, Country, Family" A soldier looks at a photo of his family before boarding a Helicopter/VTOL/Dropship/Landing Craft and heading off to certain combat.

"Zero" Former allies are standing opposite one another. The traitor stands between the hero and his/her objective.

"Desert Rats" A group of scouts survey the desert from their jeep. One member is on a radio talking with another asset somewhere else on the battlefield.

"Lady in Red" A woman in a red dress dances with a man in a tuxedo on a dance floor surrounded by group of people.

"I need a Hero" A woman is trapped in the distance as a hero fights his way through several opponents. Claimed by: :iconlotosoretsen:

"Mark this Bearing" A submarine captain looks through the parascope, relaying what he sees to his Executive Officer readying for a torpedo attack.

"Women and Children First" A woman and her infant child are being evacuated from a sinking ship. The woman reaches out to her husband, helpless to help him while he looks on, accepting his possible fate.

"So Others May Live" A Coastguard Rescue Swimmer holds onto a survivor and gives the 'all set' signal to their helicopter to signal them to bring them out of the water during a severe storm.

"Frontlines" A press photographer hides behind a blown out wall while a Coalition Soldier leans against the same wall, and talking with the photographer.


Nov 29, 2015
5:56 pm
Nov 29, 2015
2:16 pm
Nov 29, 2015
1:14 am
Nov 28, 2015
10:18 pm
Nov 28, 2015
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